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Haesung Electronics is a company specializing in manufacturing connector assembly products.

Haesung Electronics makes efforts to make contributions to society based on continuous challenge and innovation.

Industrial Safety
Health Policy

  • 01 The risk factors conforming to this company’s business activities and organizations shall be identified.
  • 02 In the process of performing this company’s business activities including accident/disease prevention activities, the risk factors shall be continuously improved in a way allowing all the employees to work safely.
  • 03 This company’s business activities shall comply with the applicable safety/health-related legal requirements and with the concerned parties’ requirements to which this organization gave consent.
  • 04 The appropriate system for setting and reviewing this company’s safety/health objectives shall be constructed.
  • 05 The safety/health system shall be appropriately documented, executed, maintained and controlled for effective operation.
  • 06 This company’s employees shall be appropriately trained and controlled to be fully aware of their personal safety/health obligations.
  • 07 This company’s safety/health policy shall be available to all the employees and concerned parties.
  • 08 The safety/health system shall be reviewed on a periodic basis to guarantee that such system and its relatedness to this company’s organization are appropriately maintained.